Summer in the Psalms: Genesis 29:15-28

Read: GENESIS 29:15-28

Here is another controversial and disturbing episode in Genesis. In this passage it’s disturbing to know that Jacob was in love with Rachel because of her appearance. This passage exemplifies the superficial nature of men, and how easily they are deceived. Laban took advantage of Jacob’s weakness to appearance of Rachel and made him work another seven years for her.

Although I am not a big fan of Jacob, I give a lot of credits to him because even after 7 years, Rachel was still desirable to him, and he was willing to work for another 7 years to marry her. At least he is a man of honor, and what women would not long for such expression of love from a man? This is a kind of love God has for all his peoples and children.

In a bigger picture, Jacob needed both women in order to fulfill God’s promise that began with Abraham. Leah became the mother of Judah whose lineage was preserved to Jesus. Jesus, on resurrection of the body, characterizes God as “He is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive.” (Luke 20:38) Through Jacob’s works and struggles he became the decree, and sealed the everlasting covenant for Israel, and the story of Israel begins.

God does not sugar coat his story – he is not afraid of revealing human weaknesses and follies in his book, not so that we feel ok to remain foolish but rather to learn from our weaknesses and realize why we all need Jesus to carry our burden and depend on his grace.

Reflect: PSALM 105:5 – 7

This statement still stands because God is of the living. When we examine what Jacob was like, then we know he was not perfect in any way. All the more reason why all the prophets, even Abraham, Isaac and Jacob waited for Jesus, a perfect son to reconcile us to God, the Father so that we are called children of God and enjoy the inheritance that is more than the land of Canaan.

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