Summer in the Psalms: Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28

Read Genesis 37 : What comes of his dreams?


Jacob favored Joseph the most among his sons for which Joseph was already the envy of his brothers. Subsequently Joseph had dreams of ruling over his father and brothers. This ALMOST killed him. Joseph narrowly escaped his immediate death since his brothers spared his life by selling him to Egyptians as a slave. His plight is also vividly described in Psalm 105:17 & 18. What will happen to his dreams? (see verses 7 and 9) He was as good as dead.

If you read the story from Genesis 39 to the end, you will notice that Joseph found his vindication NOT when his dreams came true, when his brothers had to humbly come to him for food (Psalm 105:19 – 22). Rather the true vindication for Joseph was when he was united and reconciled to the rest of his family to preserve the lineage of Judah for David. Joseph’s words of forgiveness to his brothers exemplify the act of God.

What became of Joseph’s dream? The purpose of his dream was not for Joseph to gloat over his brothers who sold him into slavery. Without Joseph’s position to show his favor to Israel, the line of Judah would not have survived to later include King David and ultimately Christ Jesus. Joseph’s vindication and the preservation of Judah are not the end of the story. These forefathers of faith did not receive God’s promise during their lifetime because God’s plan has been to include us all to the promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – Israel.




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