Everlasting Father

The eternal God is your refuge,
    and underneath are the everlasting arms.
He will drive out your enemies before you,
    saying, “Destroy them!” (Deut 32:27 UKNIV)

Another comforting characteristics of God is that he is eternal and everlasting. When we are facing adversaries, it feels like it will last for eternity. But God’s everlasting arms are longer and greater than adversaries, and he will bring the victory to those who love him. The interesting part is that he commands to “destroy” – which suggests to me that he is inviting us to take part in his victory with our actions.
Indeed, there are many parts in the battles described in the Old Testament that the LORD says “I will give so-on-so into your hands” and yet the Israelites still had to go and fight. If the enemy is already defeated, then why go and fight instead of doing nothing? Perhaps we are to take part in God’s mission.
Through our God we shall do valiantly; it is he who treads down our enemies. (Ps 108:13) And yet, we take part in treading down and share God’s victory. While we are battling, we may get hurt. However, he has promised us that we can take refuge in him. Just like an eagle trying to protect its eaglets.

Published by Crazy 4 Jazz

We play Jazz music at nursing homes, hospices and private functions. We also record ensembles for a small group of musicians.

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